Mid-Century Modern, Sauna, Peloton, Gym, Fast WIFI

Mid-Century Modern, Sauna, Peloton, Gym, Fast WIFI

Mid-century Modern home offers incredible vacation spot or remote-working w/fast reliable WIFI. Peaceful, inspiring respite, home gym, infrared sauna, Peloton with access, fully equipped kitchen, Traeger Grill, pantry space, cozy pellet fireplace, 2 bedrooms and plush velvet robes. Walking distance to beach and Grand Forest. A 12 minute drive takes you to Bloedel Reserve or the ferry to Seattle. This house has 1 queen bed and 1 full single bed + roll outs. Great home base to Olympic Nat’l Park.

The space
This home has many different living spaces to enjoy with incredible trees all around. There is wonderful outdoor deck seating, and a couple of cozy reading corners inside. It’s possible you’ll want to make this your home base for your entire PNW vacation or remote-work-change-of-scenery trip. Laundry on-site available. There is a separate Studio with full time resident. You have the entire main home to yourself. Often Bald Eagles can be seen landing on towering Cedars on property and neighboring trees. And while sitting at the kitchen table, the view overlooks a giant Camelia, surrounding gardens with a peek-a-view of the Manzanita Bay. A short walk down the hill and you have public access to the waterfront which you can launch your canoe or kayak from (if you happen to bring one). It’s a great place just to take a walk to for viewing the Olympic Mountains over the Puget Sound, dipping your toes, or simply looking for seashells. The walk to the majestic Grand Forest will br ... view more »

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