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 Bainbridge Island Lodging & Hospitality Association

local community for all licensed lodging operators

For more than 20 years, Bainbridge Island Lodging & Hospitality Association (BILHA) has worked hand-in-hand with lodging owners, innkeepers, vacation rental hosts, and tourism partners to support the local lodging industry with marketing, education, advocacy, and support.

Our Mission

Promote overnight tourism on Bainbridge Island with multi-channel marketing efforts and local and regional partnerships. 

Showcase every licensed property.

Support Bainbridge Island lodging, vacation rental, and hospitality stakeholders with communication, marketing, business resources, and local advocacy.

Bainbridge Island Lodging & Hospitality Association is an inclusive membership organization for local lodging and vacation rental operators.

Throughout the year, BILHA collaborates with local partners to promote overnight stays; invests in advertising and promotions; represents Bainbridge Island lodging interests on local tourism boards and regional destination marketing organizations; and offers resources and networking opportunities for members.

If you have a licensed vacation rental or lodging property on Bainbridge Island, BILHA will list your property and share your listing with local tourism-centric websites for greater reach as part of a Standard Membership. 

Join as a Premium Member for promotional offers to strengthen your guest experience and increase visibility in multiple marketing channels.

Become A Premium Member

Premium Membership Benefits

Included with a Standard Membership

Annual Premium Rates

Vacation Rentals
1-3 units
$200 / year

4-20 Rooms
$300 / year

Suites & Hotels
21+ rooms
$400 / year