SCALE at J. Rinehart Gallery

Presented by J. Rinehart Gallery at J Rinehart Gallery, WA

Aug 04 2022
Sep 27 2022
SCALE at J. Rinehart Gallery

Jan Hoy at J. Rinehart Opening

We are thrilled to announce SCALE, an exhibition of large scale works by our Gallery Artists.
Work by Susanna Bluhm, Sue Danielson, Lesley Frenz, Emily Gherard, Kelda Martensen, Guy Palmer Merrill, Lakshmi Muirhead, and new Gallery Artist Jan Hoy come together for an impactful and comprehensive exhibition of grandeur.

Throughout SCALE, each artist explores the largeness of their materials. These substantial works range from printmaking and collage, oil paint and bronze, to graphite and plaster.

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J Rinehart Gallery

J Rinehart Gallery, WA

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