Visit Bainbridge Brewing This Summer

If you have a penchant for traveling around the state (or country) sampling craft beer and using these tastings as an opportunity to explore charming communities on the way, then Bainbridge Island, the home of…

If you have a penchant for traveling around the state (or country) sampling craft beer and using these tastings as an opportunity to explore charming communities on the way, then Bainbridge Island, the home of Bainbridge Brewing, might just need to be next on your list.  It’s summer, and for Bainbridge Island, that usually means boatloads of tourists as they hop on the Washington State Ferry in downtown Seattle and head over for the 35-minute ride to our quaint paradise.  COVID-19 has definitely changed some things here, not least of which are the numbers of people coming to the island.

Rest assured, though, that businesses like Bainbridge Brewing, and other island restaurants and shops, are open, all with protocols in place and ready to welcome you to the island. We understand just how important getting out for a change of pace can be, even if all it entails is an afternoon of beer flights and other great tastings. Maybe you want to extend your trip to something more than an afternoon?  There are a number of small and clean options for lodging on the island, many of which involve no additional exposure for you (or for us!).  Browse through our unique selection of accommodations, and enjoy a restful few days on Bainbridge Island with us this summer.

How to Get to Bainbridge Brewing

Bainbridge Brewing is currently open (masks are required, so don’t forget to bring yours along! Getting there is pretty easy and will depend on how you’ve chosen to get to Bainbridge and what you intend to do once you’re here.  Most people walk on the ferry in downtown Seattle and plan to explore Bainbridge on foot.  That’s our most recommended way of traveling here, though getting around on bikes is sometimes a faster (and easier) option.  There’s rarely a need to bring a car, and it’s more expensive to ride the ferry if you do, but it makes your travels around Bainbridge pretty straightforward.

If you’ve arrived on foot, you’ll leave the ferry terminal heading north (follow the traffic) until you reach Winslow Way.  At the stoplight intersection at Highway 305 and Winslow Way, you’ll notice a beautiful parkway and, across the street, a large building – The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.  Next door to the museum of Bainbridge Brewing’s Alehouse, with a variety of indoor and outdoor seating.  You can stop there if you like, and enjoy a refreshing pint of beer. This is Bainbridge Brewing’s second location on the island, but we think it’s a better place to end your day, rather than start it.

Instead, we suggest you continue on foot a little further down Winslow Way (aka into Downtown Bainbridge), where you can explore the shops and grab a bite to eat as you go.  When you’re ready to head to Bainbridge Brewing’s original location, you have some options.  You can certainly continue the journey on foot – it’s about 2 miles north of the city, in a popular business park called Coppertop Loop.  Or, you can head back to the ferry terminal, where you can either rent a bike to continue on your journey (this is the most fun) or grab a taxi or bus that will take you to the brewery.  There is also occasional (though not always available) Uber and Lyft service on the island.

What to Drink at Bainbridge Brewing

So you’ve done the work to get to Bainbridge Brewing; now what should you drink?  There are so many options, and all of them great, that we really do recommend you get a flight so you can hone in on your personal favorite. The brewmasters are Bainbridge Brewing are true craftsmen, selecting only the finest ingredients for their creations.  They source most of their ingredients from producers and growers in the Northwest. It’s brewed right here on-site, you can expect nothing but the best when you visit.

Bainbridge Brewing is known to put out some pretty delicious seasonal beers, which we think are always worth the try.  But their mainstay beers, like the Kommuter Kolsch,  Eagle Harbor IPA, Arrow Point Ale, Battle Point Stout, and the Windfall Citrus IPA are also longtime favorites for many. Whatever it is you love, grab a growler to take home with you so you can keep enjoying a taste of Bainbridge, even when you’re gone.

Don’t love beer?  No problem!  Bainbridge Brewing does serve more than just their delicious craft beer. They also offer a range of NW hard ciders, wines produced by island vintners and other NW wineries, hard seltzer made by our brewery, non-alcoholic beer, gluten-free beer, and several soft drinks. They do have snacks on-site, but if you’re looking for more substantial eats you might want to bring something with you, or perhaps plan a visit to That’s a Some Pizza, home of a 120-year-old sourdough starter and truly some of the country’s best pizza.  It’s in the same plaza.

Where to Stay on Bainbridge Island

While you’re at Bainbridge Brewing, you may notice that there’s a distillery next door – Bainbridge Organic Distillers.  They aren’t the only ones, either.  There’s another newer distillery that just opened up on Bainbridge called Highside Distilling.  Between the two distilleries and the 8 wineries that call Bainbridge home, there’s easily another days’ worth of tastings to enjoy.  Or, you can use Bainbridge as your base and discover the other great breweries on the Kitsap, Key, and Olympic Peninsulas.

That’s all the more reason for you to stay for a night or two at one of our comfortable lodging properties scattered around the island.  From traditional hotels and Bed and Breakfasts to Airbnb and VRBO rentals, there are plenty of choices for lodging on Bainbridge Island. Stay for a few days, and get to know the island with us.  You’ll never feel more relax and renewed.  Book your room at one of our delightful properties today!