These Bainbridge Island Restaurants Will Need Your Support This Summer

If you live in the Seattle area, odds are you've heard of at least some of our acclaimed Bainbridge Island restaurants.  Bainbridge Island has consistently been considered a top destination for foodies in the Puget…

If you live in the Seattle area, odds are you’ve heard of at least some of our acclaimed Bainbridge Island restaurants.  Bainbridge Island has consistently been considered a top destination for foodies in the Puget Sound area, thanks to big-name restaurants like Brendan McGill’s Hitchcock Restaurant, chef Greg Atkinson’s Marché, and newcomer Ba Sa.

You’ve always been able to count on a great meal from Bainbridge Island. And now, after being largely shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, these restaurants are going to need your help now, more than ever before. And truly, there are more great restaurants than you can try in a single day, so make sure you plan in a few overnight stays when it’s safe to do so.

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Support These Bainbridge Island Restaurants

Bainbridge Island restaurants are truly exquisite.  Our mouth starts watering just thinking about some of the possibilities.  While we’re happy to see that many of them are offering takeout during the stay at home order, we still can’t wait until they’re back open for regular service. We miss sitting with our neighbors, friends new and old, and enjoying the traditional dining experience.

Not only are the Bainbridge Island restaurants delicious, but they’re also varied.  Whatever your tastebuds may crave, our restaurants will satisfy. From simple, casual fare to high-end cafes and adventurous tasting menus, this summer is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your cravings.

Getting to Bainbridge Island from the Seattle area is pretty easy, too. Just a quick and beautiful ride on the Bainbridge Island Ferry across the Puget Sound and a short walk will take you onto Winslow Way, where a majority of the Bainbridge Island Restaurants await. If you come early enough in the day, you might consider stopping in at one (or two or three) of the wineries or tasting rooms downtown.

10 Great Bainbridge Island Restaurants to Support

It’s impossible to do the Bainbridge Island restaurant scene justice in one short blog post, and we apologize if we miss anyone on that list.  That being said, here are some of the best Bainbridge Island restaurants that you really should support when possible this summer.

  1. Ba Sa, serving up delicious Vietnamese cuisine, is one of the newest restaurants to open n Winslow Way.  Their menu is inventive and makes good use of local ingredients. The menu does change frequently, but highlights over the past year have included curry-glazed chicken wings, caramelized garlic shrimp, and Ca Kho To (braised catfish).
  2. Another delicious addition to Bainbridge Island is Proper Fish. It’s the only place on the island (in the Pacific Northwest?) where you can get authentic and delicious British Fish and Chips.  Their fish and chips have earned the moniker “Seattle’s Very Best Fish & Chips.” It is, after all, owned by a British ex-pat. Did we mention the mushy peas? They’re a minty bite of yum.
  3. Restaurant Marché is owned and operated by Chef Greg Atkinson, who was once the head chef at Seattle’s Canlis. The food–French-inspired with a Northwest flair–he creates in his kitchen, and the dining experience he cultivates in his restaurant, is simply divine.
  4. Agate Restaurant, formerly known as the Agate Pass Cafe, has moved to its downtown location on Bainbridge Island and is continuously thrilling locals with their delicious dishes. It’s located just behind the Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse, near the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.
  5. Brendan McGill’s Hitchcock Restaurant was once named Seattle’s best restaurant and helped redefine the dining out experience on Bainbridge Island. We recommend letting the chef take you on a gastronomic journey. Try the tasting menu!  You won’t be disappointed.
  6. Across the street, you’ll find Bruciato serving up some of the most delicious pizza in town–though truthfully, there are a lot of great pizza places in town, like Bene, Via Rosa, Treehouse, and That’s a Some Pizza, with their 100+-year-old sourdough starter!  Even so, Bruciato has proven a hip and trendy place to grab some delicious pizza and cocktails, and it’s right on Winslow Way.
  7. Some of the best sushi and traditional Japanese fare, like Tonkatsu ramen, can be found at Subi. The best part about this dining experience is sitting at the sushi counter, where you get to watch the chefs work their magic–and maybe even taste a bite or two along the way.
  8. Farm to table has really taken on new meaning on Bainbridge Island, with the opening of HeyDay Farm’s restaurant.  We can’t wait for this incredible place to open back up so we can have some of their farm-fresh and delicious meals.
  9. I know we’ve talked a lot about dinner, but breakfast is just as important, if not more so.  There are plenty of great coffee shops and breakfast establishments on the island, but none more so than Streamliner Diner.  It’s one of the first businesses you encounter as you walk into town from the ferry, and it’s incredibly delicious. It’s a classic diner breakfast done well, with fresh food and great service.  If you come on a weekend, though, you should expect a line.  It’s popular!
  10. We can’t skip dessert, right? You haven’t experienced a summer night on Bainbridge Island until you’ve sampled some of the delectable ice cream flavors at Mora Iced Creamery. It’s truly an island staple, and a “must-do” while you’re here.

There are far more than 10 great restaurants on Bainbridge Island, including San Carlos, Plate & Pint, The Harbour Public House, Casa Rojas, The Islander (open the latest out of all of them!), Madison Diner, the BIMA Bistro, the Amelia Wynn Winery Bistro, and so many more small cafes and restaurants offering delicious food.

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Bainbridge Island restaurants won’t disappoint, but it will definitely be hard to choose a favorite. We find that the food here is so delicious, there’s rarely a need to head into the city. In return, we do see quite a few visitors coming from the city just for the chance to dine in our quaint island town.

These Bainbridge Island restaurants, and a number of the other small businesses in town, rely on the support of visitors coming over from Seattle, along with their dedicated local crowd. It’s been a tough couple of months, and we don’t want these restaurants to go anywhere.  When it’s safe to make the trip across the water again, make the trip and help us support these incredible small businesses.

Browse through our collection of properties, and start making plans to support this incredible place.