7 Places to try Bainbridge Island Wine This Fall

It may come as a surprise, but the small island of Bainbridge Island is home to 7 wineries, each of which is producing some of the best wine around. Have you had the chance to…

It may come as a surprise, but the small island of Bainbridge Island is home to 7 wineries, each of which is producing some of the best wine around. Have you had the chance to sample some of this Bainbridge Island wine, yet? If not, this fall is the perfect opportunity to discover these hidden gems of the wine world.

Like most wines produced in Washington state, the wine made here on Bainbridge Island is delicious and has earned a solid reputation for quality around the region. In fact, each of the Bainbridge Island Wineries has won gold and double gold for several of their wines. Come get your sample of these incredible wines today, and stay at one of our amazing lodging properties on beautiful Bainbridge Island.

Get Your Hands on Bainbridge Island Wine

The trip across the Puget Sound aboard the iconic Washington State Ferry is reason enough to make the trek to Bainbridge Island. Sweeten the pot with some of the best wine tastings in the Seattle area, and you have the getaway of your dreams. Wineries and tasting rooms dot the downtown corridor and spread out from there. In fact, there is one winery for every 3,286 residents on Bainbridge Island, making this a veritable haven for wine enthusiasts.

Bainbridge Island wines range from those produced right here on the island, including cool-climate varietals, to wines made from Eastern Washington’s best vineyards. Moreover, the island wineries will be celebrating this November with their quarterly Wine on the Rock event, this time titled “Wine and Charcuterie.” The event will take place on November 9 and 10, 2019, and is your best chance to try Bainbridge Island Wine this fall.  In the meantime, here are the 7 wineries and tasting rooms worth visiting next time you visit the island:

  1. Amelia Wynn Winery’s tasting room, a winery notable for having received more Double Golds than any other winery from the 2018 Seattle Wine Awards competition.
  2. wine tasting after you ride the ferry to Bainbridge IslandBainbridge Vineyards Winery and Tasting Room. They grow their grapes right here on Bainbridge Island.
  3. Eagle Harbor Wine Co.’s Winery and Tasting room. They have 2 locations; one on Winslow Way, and one a little farther north near the BARN facility.
  4. Eleven Winery, the largest on the island, also has two locations:  A tasting room on Winslow Way, and their winery and tasting room location on the north end of the island, where there are frequent live music performances on the weekends.
  5. Fletcher Bay Winery, also with two locations on the Island. Their newest tasting room is just steps from the ferry and next door to the Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse and Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, while their original location isn’t too much farther north, next door to the original location of Bainbridge Brewing.
  6. Perennial Vintners Winery and Tasting Room, which has a delicious raspberry wine made from locally-grown raspberries, among others.
  7. Rolling Bay Winery and Tasting Room, a small artisan winery producing wines from grapes grown on Snipes Mountain, one of Washington State’s newest AVAs.

The Coziest Accommodations on Bainbridge Island

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As the weather gets wet and chilly around Seattle, it’s the perfect time to curl up in our cozy accommodations and try the best Bainbridge Island wine. Don’t forget to take a bottle or two home with you! Find your favorite property, and book a getaway with us on Bainbridge Island.