New Restaurants on Bainbridge Island

If there's one thing we're lucky to have in Bainbridge Island, it's a variety of Great restaurants. For years, Bainbridge Island has been home to staples such as Hitchcock Cafe, Restaurant Marché, Streamliner Diner, SuBi,…

If there’s one thing we’re lucky to have in Bainbridge Island, it’s a variety of Great restaurants. For years, Bainbridge Island has been home to staples such as Hitchcock Cafe, Restaurant Marché, Streamliner Diner, SuBi, and so much more. With so many great restaurants to choose from, Bainbridge Island has earned quite the reputation as a foodie destination. Places like Brendon McGill’s Hitchcock have even been listed as Seattle’s #1 restaurant by Eater Seattle. Despite this, in recent months Bainbridge Island has seen the closure of favored local restaurants like Café Nola and Thuy’s Phó House. In this ever-changing food scene, there are a few bright spots and new openings on Bainbridge Island worth mentioning.  The next time you’re in the mood to get away from the city, hop aboard the Washington State Ferry system and head to Bainbridge Island to try these newest establishments with us. We offer more than great food, though! Browse through our complete listing of lodging properties and availability, and book your room on Bainbridge Island today.

Great New Dining Options Open on Bainbridge Island

One of the most anticipated restaurant openings on Bainbridge Island for 2018 is Agate Restaurant, formerly Known as Agate Pass Cafe, which moved from its long-time location in Suquamish to its new location behind the Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse, and next to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. Agate Restaurant, which altered its name slightly to reflect its new location, is located in a brand new and beautiful space. They’ve updated the menu slightly, although many of the beloved favorite from years’ past are still on the menu, and they are now taking reservations.  One of the newest restaurants to open on Bainbridge Island is The Timber Bar, located inside the Bainbridge Pavilion near the movie theater.  The Timber Bar is already earning buzz as a great New Restaurants and Dining on Bainbridge Islandplace to grab cocktails and a delicious steak dinner, hamburger, and fries on the island. It’s definitely a place for the carnivores among us, but there are a couple of options for vegetarians, too.

Beyond these new additions to the Bainbridge Island dining scene, there have been even more additions to the popular community dinners at Heyday Farm, a family-owned sustainable farm on Bainbridge Island. Their Tuesday Community Dinners proved so popular, that they have since added Sunday community dinners and occasional themed dinners, such as their recent Taste of Fall dinner.  These dinners are extraordinary, and should be at the top of every food-lover’s list.  Their menus bring big, bold flavors to your plate, they changes weekly with the season and feature only the best local produce available, and they brings you to the heart of the community, all gathered around a shared table.

An evening spent at any one of these incredible local establishments is nothing short of magical, and is certainly one of the many things that makes our island a place worth visiting.  Come stay with us, and experience a small slice of the charmed life on Bainbridge Island.