The Ravine

The Ravine

Where a glacial groove meets Bainbridge’s newest, grooviest destination.

As the placard installed over the Winslow Ravine states, it is situated at an “amazing
 intersection of Bainbridge Island’s geology, ecology, and human history.” Adjacent to this unique geo- logical feature right in our urban center is a small but enchanting little plot of land upon which rest some of the most historic buildings in town. With only one operating business remaining—the Cuts Above Barber Shop,an island institution—the buildings were almost lost to development a few short years ago. But their old bones were instead infused with new life and new business. Honoring their historic flavor and charm, the Bainbridge Apothecary & Tea Shop opened in 2020, offering delightful High Tea parties, herbal wellness, and organic food for the soul.

Over the course of two years, with the addition of three more businesses on this same parcel, this magical little spot has become a unique enterprise in Winslow.

The Ravine: a one-stop destination for great food and handcrafted treats,
Bainbridge-centric local art and gifts, enchanting opportunities for spiritual centering, and live entertainment weekly.

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