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The Island Cottage

The Island Cottage

This is a *BRAND NEW* 200 sq ft – two story – guest cottage located next to our main house in the backyard. It has a separate bathroom and shower, and kitchenette – a coffee maker with complimentary coffee and tea selection, a mini-fridge and electric tea kettle round out the kitchenette.

The cottage is flooded with natural light – though the windows have black out blinds darken it in an instant.

The space
Like the cottage, the hot water heater is tiny, so short showers (5 min) are recommended. (It only takes 20-30 min for the water heater to reheat.)

The loft space is 5′ 7″ at the center. Kids love it, but some adults will have to crouch.

We have small kids, so have quite a few toddler necessities, including a pack-n-play and BOB stroller. And of course, toys, toys and more toys!

The Cottage is equipped with super-fast WiFi, so you can stream from your devices. There is a very large grass-yard, pickleball court and gas grill.

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