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Salish Sea Retreat

Salish Sea Retreat

3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, sleeps 6


1. modern home located at the end of the street in the upscale community of Rolling Bay on Bainbridge Island.

2. sunny side of the island, situated on a bluff overlooking the Sound

3. one of the most encompassing views of the Puget Sound, see the tankers, sailboats, and fishing boats make their journey

4. truly full ocean view location (not a sandspit, lagoon or harbor water view), with views of Seattle Space Needle
5. 10-minute drive to the island ferry terminal

6. 10-minute drive to the island store TLC market, and downtown Winslow

7. far from cell phone towers, but you will still have coverage.

8. this location on the island is very private, as the yard and home are gated, and corners the bluff providing the Puget Sound view.

9. Wifi internet, & cable TV are all available, but for those requesting more tech security, or prefer to lower RF radiation, the wifi can be switched off, as the modem is independent so that direct ethernet cable to computer or tablet can be used as well.


1. We pay close attention to making sure the home is exceptionally clean and hypoallergenic. We use professional cleaners between guests.

2. This is a true vacation home, you will not find hidden clutter; it’s spacious and peaceful as we use this as our own vacation getaway as well

3. We like five-star hotels, we keep the cleanliness to those standards, especially the bedding and furniture.


1. Wifi, internet, and XFINITY, apple t.v.

2. T.V. in th

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