Pegasus Coffee House

Pegasus Coffee House

A Bainbridge Island tradition since 1980, this is Pegasus’ first store – a specialty coffee landmark and the iconic, ivy-covered birthplace of one of the nation’s most historic coffee companies.

Designed in the classic European Coffee House tradition, our Bainbridge location has long been a friendly, if somewhat bohemian place to gather for outstanding coffee, lively discussion and the free exchange of ideas. A haven for artists, Pegasus´ walls have also long been a gallery for local art, and its front window a stage for traveling musicians and poets from across the PNW.

When we opened this location in May 1980, Pegasus became the first coffee roaster to serve espresso over the counter in the Seattle area. And the lattes we serve today still use the original espresso recipe we developed more than 40 years ago.

Come visit us and become a new part of our decades-long coffee tradition!

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