Friends of the Farms

Friends of the Farms

Friends of the Farms preserves and enhances local agriculture, increases farmland, and supports the farming community.

“Supporting local, organic agriculture is the most revolutionary and important action we can take. By buying local, we can impact pollinator restoration, reduce pesticide poisoning, improve soil health and island resilience, and support our farmers. Best of all, we get to eat the most nutritious, delicious food in the realm.
— Katrina Godshalk, Friends of the Farms Volunteer

Vision and Values
Friends of the Farms envisions a robust agricultural scene, with a minimum of 180 acres on Bainbridge Island permanently protected for agriculture, an ever-increasing customer base for locally grown food, and opportunities that attract and retain future generations of farmers.

Friends of the Farms is committed to improving the overall environmental, social, and economic health of Bainbridge Island by:

Creating the desirable visual presence of a rural community
Providing cultural and economic diversity
Preserving our island’s agricultural and ethnic heritage
Ensuring food security
Protecting our environment

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