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Castellano Fine Jewelry

Castellano Fine Jewelry

Being actively involved with this art trade for over 20 years, I attended the Gemological Institute of America and The NW Gemological Institute graduating Diamond Certified at the top of my class in 1994. I have enjoyed the recognition and privilege of receiving two local awards: the Concept Design Award, 2001, and the Art of Jewelry Judges Award, 2008.

My designs currently reflect three distinct, contemporary flavors: architectural, organic and a period-style with a contemporary twist. My process begins as I envision a design concept, which is then counter-sketched, before commencing the actual wax carving process. Upon completion of the wax model, the piece is staged with beautiful gemstones and diamonds before the customer’s eyes. The model is typically strong enough to try on a finger or carefully slide on to a chain for final approval. Next, the piece is cast in the exclusive metal of choice, or in a combination of gold, platinum, silver or palladium (a part of the platinum family of metals).

Creating luxurious fluidity in timeless pieces of fine jewelry is my passion. Each exclusive piece showcases hand-selected and graded, fine gemstones and non-conflict diamonds according to the moral and ethical guidelines set by the G.I.A. and A.G.T.A. (American Gem Trade Association). Designing new settings for old family gems also allows me great pleasure in creating a new look for the wearer, while celebrating the history of the stones. I engage every commission with a distinct personal challenge to bring unexpected joy to my customer, and I appreciate each prized opportunity

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