Bike Barn Rentals

Bike Barn Rentals

Hybrid Bikes
2 hours (minimum) $25
3 to 7 hours $35

Overnight $45
2 day rental $ 60
3 day rental $ 80
Weekly rental $ 150

Electric Bikes
$25 a hour with a 2 hour minimum or $65 per day

Limited availability, reservation advised

Youth and childrens bikes
We have some availability on 20 inch and 24 inch wheel bicycles. We also keep a trail-a-bike, baby seats and 2 child trailer in the fleet.  Its best to call ahead for info and availability.

Road Bikes
1 Day $75
2 days $135
Weekly rental $300

Road bikes come with standard toe clip and strap but you are welcome to bring your own peddles and shoes
Helmets, Locks, and racks included

Useful information about cycling on Bainbridge
Bainbridge is a wonderful place to bicycle, but everywhere you ride on Bainbridge you will encounter a hill.  We can suggest a route that is not as hilly but there will always be a hill.  There are few bicycle paths so you will be riding mostly with traffic.  You need to be able to ride a multi-speed bike as all our bikes are 20, 21 or 24 speeds.

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