Bainbridge Island Blueberry Company

Bainbridge Island Blueberry Company

Bainbridge Island Blueberry Co. is located on a sunny ridge above Rolling Bay on a 100 year old heritage farm formerly owned by the Wilson family for generations (Old Island Holly Farm). The Wilson’s planted the two acres of blueberry fields in 2008 and opened for berries in 2009. While they loved the farm it was time for new pastures and we bought the farm in September of 2011. With encouragement from friends and family we very are excited to be a farming family. The community at-large has been so supportive of our efforts to continue the traditions of local farming on Bainbridge Island and we are looking forward to seeing previous customers, our friends and meeting new ones who come to visit. The farm provides U-pick blueberries, U-cut dahlias, pre-packed pints/flats blueberries (when available or by arrangement), flower bouquets and some seasonal produce during our open season.

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